Photography by Ian Cameron
Saint Elmos Fire Findhorn, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, evening, sun, rim lighting, cloud, glazed, reflection, coffee, blu photo

Saint Elmos Fire Findhorn   Findhorn, Moray, Scotland

This might be my favourite of the evening shoot though as you will see it is tough to choose just one.  It really is a stunning colour even though as yet the sun hasn't set.  The backlighting and rim lighting on the cloud base is sensational and unlike anything I have seen before.  I really love the position of that chocolate coloured puff of cloud dead centre over water surrounded by a sea of clear blue sky and its glazed reflection.  Once again the semi-translucent clouds have caused the sand to reflect that luminous colour turning it to the colour of freeze dried coffee granules.  By this time it is worth mentioning that anyone who was not clinically and emotionally dead there on that beach, was standing iphone pointed skyward with mouth wide open in disbelief.

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