Photography by Ian Cameron
Sango Sunrise, Sango Bay, Sutherland, Scotland, rock stacks, sand, beach, dawn, sea, tides, unmarked, wizards hat, shado photo

Sango Sunrise   Sango Bay, Sutherland, Scotland

Sango Bay is quite unusual in that it is one of very few Scottish beaches that has rock stacks growing like mushrooms out of a soft sand beach.  Although it is virtually next door to a campsite a dawn arrival in early summer means that you can get a lonely and very stunning sunrise over the sea and assuming you have matched the tides it is possible to ensure an unmarked beach.  It wasn't until well after sunrise that the sun made it through the clouds  with of course a dramatic increase in contrast but placing the sun behind the wizards hat (Harry Potter) did ensure controlled glare and soft shadows stretching toward me.

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