Photography by Ian Cameron
Secret Liaison, Alpbach, Austria, Europe, snowing, village, mountains, grass, snowflakes, dusk, still, hut, snow, blizza photo

Secret Liaison   Alpbach, Austria, Europe

After a tough day of skiing it started snowing down in the village and as I gazed towards the mountains, on the as yet grass covered slopes, the snowflakes grew denser and larger falling vertically in the completely still conditions.  The light was incredibly soft being very close to dusk and I framed a single distant hut amidst a clearing in the trees with the long end of my lens.  In order to keep the snow relatively sharp I needed a speed in excess of 1/60 second, I was also having to handhold and it was growing darker by the minute, I settled at a high ISO 3200 and an aperture of f/13 to ensure that I was able to render enough depth of field to keep the snowflakes recognisable, whether near or far.  I was just about to squeeze the shutter when a lone figure wandered out in the blizzard and knocked on the door.  A transient moment which made the image.

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