Photography by Ian Cameron
Sessile Oak Tangle, Ariundle Woods, Ardnamurchan, Scotland, life, scurry, birds, forest floor, woodland, oak, rich, moss photo

Sessile Oak Tangle   Ariundle Woods, Ardnamurchan, Scotland

Another shot from this wonderfully tangled and sympathetically managed tangled sessile oak wood on the Ardnamurchan peninsula.  The forest floor just exudes a life force moss growth is rampant and a myriad of tiny creatures and woodland birds scurry and hop around, life oozes out in this oxygen rich environment.  This area features a moss covered ancient stone wall in addition to the tangled and twisted trees.  I found a small corridor of light to peer through with the wall acting as a guide and was fortunate to find a spot where little direct light was able to get through the canopy.

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