Photography by Ian Cameron
Skye Squall Square, Loch Cill, Skye, Scotland, beautiful, impression, pouring, wind, whipped, reeds, bleak, lyrical photo

Skye Squall Square   Loch Cill, Skye, Scotland

Alas once again I have probably given the small group of photographers I was in charge of the impression that their esteemed leader is skipping occasionally over the border into the realms of insanity.  It was absolutely pouring and the wind was whipping across the reeds at loch Cill on the way to Elgol on Skye.  Naturally I thought it looked stunningly beautiful and sheltered under the boot of the car I rapturously captured this bleak but I think beautiful scene and then waxed lyrical about it to my bedraggled crew steaming away in the car whilst the heaters thawed them out.  I still think it was worth it.

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