Photography by Ian Cameron
Sligachan View, Sligachan, Skye, Scotland, triple, bridge, spans, lure, Black Cuillin, ridge, Marsco, blue, sky summer,  photo

Sligachan View   Sligachan, Skye, Scotland

The triple pack bridge that spans the river next to the Sligachan hotel is a classic landscape scene and always proves an irresistable lure to photograph, especially with the Black Cuillin ridge and Marsco beyond.  This was taken on a very fine summer's day with a clear blue sky and the mountains resplendent in summer greenery.  The bridge provides the scene with a sense of place and anchors the whole picture.  I have heard it said by photographers, "oh its been done a thousand times before", well so what if it has, I still take photographs for the sheer pleasure of it, only a fool would ignore such beauty on that basis, and this fool continues to sell this image regularly.  

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