Photography by Ian Cameron
Sparkle Affric, Glen Affric, Highland, Scotland, rain, colours, spruce, autumn, directional, sunlight, canopy, birch  photo

Sparkle Affric   Glen Affric, Highland, Scotland

Glen Affric can be a very wet and dreary place but happily in Autumn the colours liven up to such an extent that even when it's raining the scenery is quite stunning.  That said the magical ingredient of strong directional sunlight backlighting young spruce just after heavy rain lifts the entire scene to an altogether different plane.  I was very fortunate to be able to frame the backlit pine in a dark arch of unlit birch helping the pine tostand out.  Controlling the depth of field drew further attention to the sharply focussed tree and finally when the sunlight struck the upper canopy of golden birch the shot reached its azimuth.

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