Photography by Ian Cameron
Spun Silk Traigh Mhor, Traigh Mhor, Harris, Scotland, orange, sand, beach, coarse grained, pure, spume, storm, swell, su photo

Spun Silk Traigh Mhor   Traigh Mhor, Harris, Scotland

This stunning beach on the west coast of harris features a steep sided coarse grained orange sand beach which is normally completely free of beach debris even in a sizeable swell like the one we witnessed in the aftermath of storm Catherine.  The sensational and surreal sweeps of spume and spray across the beach plateau as high tides swept in looked like the finest spun silk tinged blue by the fading twilight sky.  A naked strip of golden sand added a tiny splash of opposing hue to complete a stunning dreamy seascape that I find mesmerisingly pure and beautiful.

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