Photography by Ian Cameron
Torn Ice Sheets, Loch Morlich, Aviemore, Scotland, winter, frosts, ice, skin, frozen, grasses, fractured, surface  photo

Torn Ice Sheets   Loch Morlich, Aviemore, Scotland

Loch Morlich had been subjected to a series of winter downpours causing the level of the water to rise and then a couple of sharp frosts had frozen a skin of ice across the surface.  The whole of this area was submerged but as the water receded a floating platform of ice was left leaving the grasses below.  As the ice thinned so it became less and less able to support its own weight, finally collapsing to leave great torn sheets of thin ice fractured on the surface of the yellow grass.  The combination of opposing hues generated on the surface of the ice beneath a blue sky and the dead grass I found to be most enjoyable.

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