Photography by Ian Cameron
Tree House Flakstad, Flakstad, Lofoten, Norway, white, tree, edifice, snow, house, wind photo

Tree House Flakstad   Flakstad, Lofoten, Norway

This picture is a lie.  On the left hand edge of the picture is a rather shabby red hut which removes 90% of the impact of the image.  This image conveys what I saw but truly didn't exist at least not from this angle.  I am pretty sure I could have resolved it by the simple expedient of tresspass but I am loathe to do that.  What I saw was a large white tree blasted onto the edifice behind the house by wind and snow, by happy circumstance it's roots growing right beside it.  Indeed I had decided on a title for the image even before I had framed the picture which as I have previously pointed out proved impossible.  Is it justified? - not really, do I like it?  Yes, but I am not sure I can live with it and I wouldn't sell it..

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