Photography by Ian Cameron
Twilight Rendezvous, Alpbach, Austria, Europe, snow, windless, field, hut, lone, figure, snowflakes, sinister photo

Twilight Rendezvous   Alpbach, Austria, Europe

I was standing gazing out of the window of my hotel room in Alpbach watching a beautiful slow motion fall of heavy snow in totally windless conditions a few minutes after sunset.  A small timber hut nearly half a mile away nestled into an as yet green field and a lone figure had wandered out and knocked and entered the building.  About 15 minutes later he re-emerged and darkness had fallen still further lending a sinister slant to the scene which I kope I have captured here.  In order to freeze the snowflakes and obtain a reasoanble depth of field to keep their shape in the foreground I had to use an extensive depth of field and a high ISO 3200.  I think it works well.

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