Photography by Ian Cameron
Twin Perfection, Loch Rusky, Trossachs, Scotland, two, pale, wooden, boats, shroud, holy, golden, reverence, sun, orb, m photo

Twin Perfection   Loch Rusky, Trossachs, Scotland

If I were to look back at one moment in the past couple of years that really sent those prickly chills up the back of my neck, the one that makes those wee hairs stand to attention then this would be it.  Two pale blue wooden rowing boats floating serenely amidst a shroud of golden backlit mist with the pale orb of the sun momentarily making a guest appearance elevate this elegant scene to an almost holy reverence.  For me it is an instant of photographic nirvana that is unsurpassed.  In this one instant I can think of nothing I would choose to do with the benefit of hindsight that might improve it.  This photograph is completely unprocessed save for the gentlest sharpening algorithm, doing anything more actually harms the image because the tonal transitions are so smooth and delicate that processing ruffles those textural boundaries.  Anyway why would I need to process something I regard as pefection.  Needless to say it is a favourite and will probably remain so for a considerable time.

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