Photography by Ian Cameron
Untainted 1, Annat, Torridon, Scotland, salt marshes, shallow, pools, tides, winter, snow, steel, blue, grasses, magical photo

Untainted 1   Annat, Torridon, Scotland

Annat salt marshes can be pretty interesting at most times of years as the very shallow pools and ditches fill and re-fill at the change of the tides, the interesting close cropped fingers of grasses that stick out into the estuary form complex patterns in which reflections of the nearby mountains can be formed.  On this winter morning during a winter snowstorm the marshes were as magical as I have seen them.  Whilst the big view was very saytisfying under a steel blue grey sky it was these snow filled pools with water seeping through surrounded by indiscriminate tufts of grasses that fascinated me.  the patterns were magical, pure and untainted.  A sort of zen art and that sky rendered the ice heavy water a wonderful colour.

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