Photography by Ian Cameron
Uttakliev Pools, Uttakliev, Lofoten, Norway, pools, spherical, sunset, red, reflected, black, rocks, peak, tinged, wave, photo

Uttakliev Pools   Uttakliev, Lofoten, Norway

These lovely pools on the flat sculpted rocks at Uttakliev are often photographed as beneath the surface of one of the pools is the so called eye of Uttakliev namely a large spherical boulder that shows up when the water is polarised.  Such was the pleasing hues of the sunset sky tinged with red and gold that I actually preferred to see the reflected light on the pools themselves so I elected not to polarise.  however one thing annoys me, this image has the best combination of lighting but I was waiting for a large wave to burst on the nearest of those black rocks to separate the overlapping black shapes.  It occurred as hoped for but unfortunately not whilst the light had reached it's peak. 

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