Photography by Ian Cameron
Vacant Posessions, Blairs Loch, Moray, Scotland, manmade, detritus, red, chair, incongruous, boat house, flaky, paint, w photo

Vacant Posessions   Blairs Loch, Moray, Scotland

Anybody that knows me will be aware that I rarely move any single item in front of my camera, except manmade detritus and only then if I deem it extraneous to the composition.  Indeed I get an almost reverential pleasure working with what I find regardless of whether it makes the shot less satisfactory.  The red chair was not put there by me or by anyone I know, never-the-less I am delighted it is there as it is utterly incongruous with the old and decaying flaky red paintwork of the old Blairs loch boat house and the greens of ivy, reeds and mossy woodwork to provide a splash of opposing hue.

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