Photography by Ian Cameron
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa, Zambesi, Mosai a Tunya, waterfall, cascades, chasm, river, plunges, force, cloud  photo

Victoria Falls   Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa

One of the Seven Wonders of the World the mighty Zambesi river plunges over a chasm a mile wide and 111 metres deep to form the most powerful and magnificent waterfall on Earth.  Victoria Falls has such a colossal amount of water falling over it that some of the minor cascades are inverted and turned back on themselves blasted upwards by the sheer force of displaced air from the bigger cascades.  The constant rain cloud formed above the Falls lends it the Zimbawean name Mosai a Tunya, the smoke that thunders.  It is an extraordinarily difficult shot to make as the falling water coats the lens in seconds.

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