Photography by Ian Cameron
Weather, Applecross, Highlands, Scotland, blue, mesmerisingly beautiful, sombre, minimalism, overlapping, hills, rain, t photo

Weather   Applecross, Highlands, Scotland

There are doubtless dozens of things you could pick holes in here.  Not much in it is there?  Where's the light?  Do you really need all that sky?  It's a bit blue isn't it?  Well the great thing is it's what I saw and it's my interpretation of the scene and in answer to all those questions I would have to say.. Not a lot.. Sombre but beautiful...Yes I most certainly do and the colour had more than a little to do with why I took it.  Those are the distant overlapping hills of Skye as taken from Applecross and for a short while a billowing cloud of rain passed over it partially masking the hills and turning the sky a deep twilight blue.  I found it's moodiness mesmerisingly beautiful in its complete minimalism.

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