Photography by Ian Cameron
Winter Chill Dava, Dava Moor, Moray, Scotland, loch, Dava, golden, island, ice, blue, reeds, frosted, encrusted, sunligh photo

Winter Chill Dava   Dava Moor, Moray, Scotland

At minus tewnty the loch at the edge of the Dava moor road freezes solid leaving a little golden island of grass trapped in blue ice.  At the edges long reeds shaded from the first kiss of sunlight are rigid with a thick coat of hoar frost encrusting every stem.  It is a scene of winter perfection for my camera but the ominous noises of the ice expanding from the warmth of direct sunlight are very disconcerting and I jumped clean out of my skin when at last the tension became so great that the massive ice sheet fractured with a huge bang like a shotgun being released next to me. 

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