Photography by Ian Cameron
Winter Gold Reflection, Torridon, Highlands, Scotland, winter, river, moraine, snow, reflected, boulders, gold, blue   photo

Winter Gold Reflection   Torridon, Highlands, Scotland

Travelling down the pass between the mountains of Torridon in winter could be a recipe for disaster but fortunately winter tyres made short work of the snow as we rounded a bend in the road we found ourselves looking down the length of the river complete with moraine sugar dusted with fresh snow.  The orange/yellow of illuminated late afternoon clouds reflected off the river such that the incident light matched that of the reflected angle of light at the same time the shadow side of the snow covered boulders picked up the reflected light from a clear patch of sky rendering it blue.  I was fortunate to capture this light at its most intense using a neutral density filter on a long lens to compress the perspective thus squishing the moraine together and slow the river to the texture of liquid gold.

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