Photography by Ian Cameron
Winter Mirror, Loch Torren, Glencoe, Scotland, pool, water, wooded, Clashach, mirror, mountain, snow, winter, dusted, re photo

Winter Mirror   Loch Torren, Glencoe, Scotland

This lovely little pool of water at the end of the wooded road that leads past The Clashach Inn frequently becomes a perfect mirror but equally infrequently generates any light on either the woodland or on the mountain slopes meaning that overall contrast becomes an issue.  In this case it was happily mitigated a little by having the mountain slopes dusted with snow which lent the hills form and significantly lowered contrast ratios.  Whilst I would have been very happy to see some sunlight graze the trees, something that can only happen around midday in winter, at least the reflected light from a very white overhead sky produced luminosity without shadows giving rise to colour in the woodland and it's reflection.

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