Photography by Ian Cameron
Zanzibar Watercolour, West Coast, Zanzibar, Africa, skies, sunset, clouds, sea, storm, sky, backlit, outrigger, boat, ce photo

Zanzibar Watercolour   West Coast, Zanzibar, Africa

Most of the time the skies at sunset in Zanzibar were largely clear and the sun would sink, a great glowing orb which duly sizzled as it dropped into the sea.  On this occasion the sky was cloudy and a storm was beginning to brew which latterly turned into a ferocious wind driven rainy squall.  Before it reached that stage we had the lull before the storm and the sky seemd backlit with softly glowing pinks and blues like a giant watercolour painting.  I moved my position along the foreshore to place the outrigger boat dead centre for stark effect.

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