Photography by Ian Cameron

Pro Shows

 Welcome to my slide shows gallery.. 

These audio-visual shows created using software from the Photodex Corporation are something I've been dabbling with for a couple of years.  I am by no means an expert at creating them but I hope you'll agree that they do make a pleasing alternative to viewing the gallery pages. 

Most shows are between three and five minutes long, the music is copyright free and more shows will be added when time and inclination permit. 

Pro-Shows are NOT MAC compatible. 

Slideshow - Transient Light photo

Slideshow - Transient Light

A general collection of my favourite images.
Relax - 4 Mins 47 Sec's -

Slideshow  - Winter Requiem photo

Slideshow - Winter Requiem

A short collection of winter gems
Tece Voda Tece - 2 Mins 57 Sec's -

Slideshow - Coastal Dreams photo

Slideshow - Coastal Dreams

The magic light of the coast
Journeys End - 4 Min's 47 Sec's -
Slideshow - Eye Of The Beholder photo

Slideshow - Eye Of The Beholder

A collection of favourite atmospheric moments
Motion - 4 Min's 49 Sec's - 
Slideshow - Drifting photo

Slideshow - Drifting

A gentle and lyrical selection of newer images.
She Moves Through The Fair - 4 Mins 01 Sec's -

Slideshow - Treasured Moments photo

Slideshow - Treasured Moments

My favourite classical music track with some new images.
St Saens - Danse Macabre - 6 Mins 43 Sec's -
Slideshow - Nirvana photo

Slideshow - Nirvana

A little slice of my personal idea of Heaven.
First Movement - 5 Mins 10 Sec's -