Acrylic Glass

Why Acrylic Glass?

Acrylic Glass mounted prints have a vibrancy and depth to them that is unmatched by any other format, they quite simply have a tangible luminosity to them. The clean crisp lines and ultra smooth modern appearance is wonderfully contemporary in style and designed to feel completely at ease in a bright modern home or office environment.

What makes them special?

Pictures presented in acrylic glass look at their best presented large and will make a bold and powerful statement on any wall. The acrylic images supplied by Transient Light are now available in all formats including square and panoramic to match the appearance of the photograph presented with a minimum long edge dimension of 24 inches. They are presented in deluxe heavyweight glossy or matt acrylic glass to maximise colour gamut,there are no visible fixings to marr the it's appearance as they are designed to be fixed to your chosen wall apparently floating in space a few millimetres clear of it.

How are they Produced?

Acrylic glass mounted images have to be properly prepared to adhere to stringent gallery specifications and these prints manufactured in Germany are the very best available and fully compliant. The original photograph is exposed accurately using the established laser exposure system (Durst Lambda) on Fuji's Crystal Archive photo paper, and is then subsequently developed using a traditional photochemical method. Fuji Crystal Archive papers have an exceptionally large colour gamut and are acknowledged to be archive-proof and able to maintain their brilliant colours for 75 years.

Once the photograph is checked and passed it moves onto the mounting stage. The original photo print is applied to a solid aluminium backing ("Lumabond Pro III®"). This greatly enhances the print's luminosity literally making it seem to glow when presented on a wall. After "lamination" on to a stable and perfectly flat base the image is mounted with permanently elastic silicon under a polished premium acrylic glass plate by a brand name manufacturer ("Lumasec Esprit®"). No rips or bubbles, will ever be present due to the silicon bond. The final print has an aluminium fixing cage bonded to the rear for invisible hanging.

The finished acrylic glass images may be wiped clean with a soft dampened cloth - The process of construction is long and work intensive and the finished product is not inexpensive - but neither does it look it..


Previously I was only able to offer acrylic prints for sale in the UK, happily that situation has changed and I can now deliver to both europe and worldwide.

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