Running Events: Cross Country: Bennachie Hill Running

The 2017 Bennachie Hill Run will be remembered largely for how appalling the conditions were on the hills. The senior hill run is around 8.2 miles and involves a climb of around 400m. The course record for this event is a time of 53 Minutes and 51 Seconds held by Chris Smith since 2009. On paper this year should the record should have been usurped by none other than GB hill running champion Robbie Simpson but nobody had counted on the high winds that robbed the legs of speed and stability and the rain that continued to pepper the runners as it was blown sideways. The event was similarly hard work for the juniors with thick mud on the 150m climb over the 3.1 mile course, the previous course record being held by Josh Benton in a time of 19 Minutes 14 Seconds. At least the trees offered some protection.