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A must have book, 8 April 2009

By igclark (Guernsey Channel Is) - See all my reviews

This is a great book to own, the text is clear, easy to understand, and very informative.The photographs alone are well worth the price, he,s a class photographer and I shall be eagerly awaiting his next release, buy it.

Excellent, inspired read, a must have., 20 Jun 2009

By James Carrick (Milngavie, Scotland) - See all my reviews

This book is excellent, totally inspired. Very well detailed and easy to understand, a great book to take you forward on aspects of your photography, bringing out that creative side.

As someone who has just ventured into the medium format market, i feel this book will help me capture my own transient light.

Enjoy the moment.

Absolute Must Have, 18 Jun 2009

By Mr. M. Richings - See all my reviews

Without a doubt Ian Cameron is a top professional landscape photographer, and his book shows a good illustrated coveridge of his work, but also is full of more than useful tips which covers a wide range both for professional and amateur photographer.

One of the best landscape book I ever bought, 3 May 2009

By Christos Th Chatzoglou (Greece) - See all my reviews

An excellent book that every page gives useful informations in a very easy way for the beginers to landscape photography, but also for advanced.

I found the photos in this book very inspiring. Useful informations about digital and film users.

Excellent book by Ian Cameron, 29 Mar 2009

By T. Winterburn - See all my reviews

Ian Cameron is a masterful up-and-coming landscape photographer, whose work I have followed with great interest for approx 3 years now. During this time, Cameron's career has really taken off; perhaps a consequence of his multiple successes in the excellent Landscape Photographer of the Year competitions of the the last 2 years (including runner-up in 2007 I think). This book not only showcases many of his fantastic photographs, but also provides a valuable insight into his simple, methodical and uncluttered workflow, without any of the usual pretentious ego that often seems to creep into works by other photographers. It is abundantly clear from this book how cameron manages to capture the transient light he craves, with such incredible frequency and success. Inspirational stuff, and has helped me to streamline my own approach - truly a bargain book!

An excellent and inspiring book, 6 Jan 2010

By T. Salmond (London, United Kingdom) - See all my reviews

Ian Cameron's enthusiasm and passion for photography comes across from the outset. His book is probably the best landscape photography book I've purchased, providing insight and inspiration in equal measure. Ian writes in an easy and accessible manner, explaining the fundamental techniques, as well as advice on preparation and getting into the right place at the right time to take stunning shots. He also provides a good number of technical tips and stunning photographs, brought together with some 'field trips' towards the end. Sections of the book cover: Understanding light, When to shoot, Preparation to shoot, Field trips and Post-processing. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in landscape photography, or improving their photographic technique.

Very Inspiring, 24 Mar 2010

By SM Turner - See all my reviews

I'm fairly new to more serious photography and have ordered a few books on the subject. This for me is the best of the lot. Ian Cameron takes his time to explain everything simply but also in detail of how each individual shot featured in the book was captured. It is a truely inspirational book.

Excellent practical guide to landscape photography, 11 Oct 2010

By Mr. P. Stamp "paulstamp" (York, UK) - See all my reviews

I bought this book looking for something to help me develop my technique for landscape photography, and while there are lots of books out there filled with stunning photos, they rarely offer the level of practical advice that Ian Cameron does in this book. He gives the detailed technical info on calculating "proper" exposures and adjusting for neutral density filters etc but also his advice about the kind of lenses/cameras is very down to earth and his recommendations won't break the bank! As the title implies Cameron concentrates mostly on the different kinds of light and how to make the most of it for different types of photography and skims over basics like the rule of thirds so it does assume a certain level of familiarity with photographic principles. The book also aims clearly at the fieldcraft of landscape photography and only has a brief section at the end on post-processing on your computer (which I would have left out entirely by preference!) In all I'd say its an excellent book delivered in a very easy going style with lots of great examples and above all real practical advice and guidance for budding landscape photographers.

Inspirational - Informative - Insightful - Infatuating, 8 Sep 2010

By Mr C. D. Beard (Elgin, Moray United Kingdom) - See all my reviews

This is a book that I just could not put down, not a mammoth tome but one that certainly covers much more than the basics about capturing truly stunning images of landscapes. Ian walks the reader through subjects such as 'Understanding Light', 'When to Shoot', 'Equipment', 'Field Trips' and 'Post Processing' in a way that will appeal to beginners and experienced photographers alike. Difficult subjects such as 'understanding light' are handled with a deftness that not only informs the reader 'how' a technique works but also 'why' it works. This allows the reader to take that knowledge in to the 'field' and apply it to different situations. I find myself picking up this book time and time again to re-read different sections and gaze in awe at the stunning examples of Ian's work.

Yes the book is pack full of Ian's photographs to show us how he puts all the elements of composition, light, technical knowledge and patience together to produce such mesmerising images. An exceptional book that I whole heartedly recommend to anyone with an interest in landscape photography. Don't be misled - just reading about the technical side of photography will not make you into a good photographer, the true skill lies in getting out and using that knowledge by putting what you have learnt into practice. This book will inspire you to go out and try to capture better photographs by applying Ian's techniques.

a very good book on landscape, 23 Nov 2009

By Thomas C. Hughes - See all my reviews

Ian is one of my favourite landscape photographers and knows the game inside out,he explains the technique in a easy to understand way,If you are into landscape like i am,buy this book,you will not be disapointed.

Light fantastic, 25 Mar 2009

By Mr. M. J. Townsend "The walker" - See all my reviews

Having been once told by a professional Photographer on a course that I was a walker not a photographer (because I asked why nobody had made a rucksack, designed to take photographic gear and enough walking equipment for a serious trip into the hills!)I took great joy from seeing the wonderful photographs in Ian Cameron book. They epitomise what I can only strive to capture, those fleeting moments, when the light is just right. He is what my tutor above, would no doubt by definition, class as a "walker". After reading this book, it is a definition I would be proud to ware.

One of the best!!, 16 Nov 2010

By Mrs. Nicolette N. Jones (UK) - See all my reviews

Although written by someone who mostly uses film, this book is a must have for anyone who is keen on getting exposure and technique right. His photos are beautiful and he gives the settings for each picture he takes. Explains in simple terms about the best kit to have. No frills, just a good solid book, imparting excellent practical knowledge.

Probably the best photography book I've ever read!, 11 Nov 2010

By Mr. Graham Cummings (Yorkshire, UK) - See all my reviews

I absolutely love this book. I discovered it by chance through one of Amazon's recommendations, and I'm so glad I bought it. I've taken some very good landscape photographs, but they are a distant second place to the majority of the photos in this book. Some of them are simply stunning. The book is well written and each paragraph is backed up with a glorious photo to prove the guy knows what he's talking about. There's some fantastic advice in here, and lots of it is sure to improve your photography. The author has obviously gone into great depth with his passion for landscape photographer and he gives really sound advice on things you should consider when going to location (e.g. the weather, the lenses you should use, how to exploit the light in your photos). There's also some great information on taking long exposures at night time, and lots of other things I just have never taken into consideration as a photographer. I've always treated my photo trips as just point-and-click, but after reading this book, I'm going to do far more preparation in future to maximise the chance of getting a good photo. I know that this is a book about landscape photography, but I reckon the advice in this book will help you in other situations too. Probably the best photography book I've ever read. The photos are stunning, the book is well written and easily understandable by any photographer. Buy it now while there are still copies of this book around!

Absolutely gorgeous, 7 Nov 2010

By Ilovemusic (Spain) - See all my reviews

A must have. It is so good and so easy to read and understand that every lover of landscape photography should own a copy. I agree with Ian when says the pefect exposure does not exist, unlike what stated on Michael Freeman's book title. This last one is the opposite. I am reading both and Ian's is far more understandable and handy than Freeman's. The pictures illustrating the book are, AMAZING !!!. It is true, however, that to take such stunning pictures, you have to travel a lot always looking for that particular light of a, sometimes, ephemeral moment. I love the pictures he has from Scotland. I will go there some day.

Excellent book, 9 Sep 2010

By Mal Beer - See all my reviews

Once I picked this book up it was impossible to put down. Its full of practical information that guides you through every facet of landscape photography and stimulates your creative desires. Well, worth reading, you wont be disappointed!

Transient Light - Strong technique guide, 11 May 2010

By Ceri Jones (UK) - See all my reviews

AN excellent book covering techniques for the landscape photographer, includes plenty of good practical advice for photographers of all levels.

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