About Canvas Prints:

Stretched canvases have become a very popular method of displaying artwork at large sizes for a relatively low cost. Unfortunately not all companies offer the same build quality or indeed print quality. After a considerable amount of research and subsequent personal experience, I have found a German manufacturer that I trust to produce high quality crisp ready to hang canvases which don't warp or cockle over time and have archival stability meaning they don't fade. Quality costs but this particular manufacturer still manages to offer great value for money and reliability.

In short this is an excellent product that takes considerable time and expertise to produce. These canvases are far superior in quality compared with the usual high street examples, eclipsing them in terms of build quality, archival stability and resolution by a substantial amount.

How are they made?

The canvases are constructed and stretched over a solid pine sub-frame with either a softer matt finish or a glossier higher contrast finish to match the suitability of the image selected. You are most welcome to choose which you prefer but I will usually suggest which would suit best for any particular picture selected. The other option is to choose a white edge to wrap around the canvas sides or a reversed mirror image of the selected picture to wrap around the sides in either case the entire image will be displayed on the facing panel of the canvas. The company that provide this service for me, print onto a high quality 340gsm matte canvas, approved to Fine Art Trade Guild standards. The canvas is then evenly stretched and pinned over a two inch wide hard red spruce pine frame and the corners neatly folded for a top quality finish. In combination with pigment based inks, your print is guaranteed to remain crisp and vibrant for over 75 years. Each print is then heat-sealed for ultimate protection against scratches and splashes and the corners are guaranteed not to fade or crack.

Whilst canvas images never have the contemporary elegance and visual impact of the acrylic panels it is never-the-less a cost effective way of displaying large artwork.


Previously I was only able to offer canvas prints for sale in the UK, happily that situation has changed and I can now deliver to europe and worldwide.

UK and international delivery times are approximately two weeks from order date.

Canvas 50 x 40 inches
Canvas Corner section
Reverse Side of Canvas Print