Print Only

Customers choosing the "Print Only" option will receive a print, with the printed area close to the sizes and finish indicated on the buying options drop down list. The prints are un-signed but will always be supplied with a printed label containing my personal signature, print title and the photographic inspiration behind the image.

How is my print produced?

All the photographic prints are produced on professional wide format machines by "Epson" which have effectively been "turbocharged", (for want of a better word), by exchanging the standard print driver software and replacing it with a custom profiled RIP. The result is far cleaner and crisper whites, deeper and more velvet smooth blacks, with exquisite tonal separation throughout the extended colour gamut.

Papers, what's the difference?

In order to realise the full benefits of modern print technology it is imperative that the best print media is used. I use just two types of paper which represent the best performance possible from their price band.

Canson Platine - Baryta Silk: Costing over four times as much as Ilford Smooth Gloss, this paper in conjunction with OEM manufacturers pigment inks, achieves unbelievably sharp, vivid images with unmatched dynamic range and tonal smoothness on a gorgeous soft heavyweight silk paper with an egg shell like texture. Canson Platine quickly flattens and its softness prevents the paper from cockling. Quite simply, there is no finer paper available, regardless of cost or surface finish. It exhibits minute gloss differential and virtually zero metamerism or bronzing, which have always been an issue with glossier papers. Canson Platine is a (300gms/m) and when framed under glass, out of direct sunlight will exhibit no discernible fading for 80 years, meeting true giclee standards.

Hahnemuhle 308 Photorag: This is the only Matt finished paper I know that compares favorably with the Canson Platine silk paper above, Hahnemuhle has been the de-facto art standard for years and is still recognised as having the smoothest tonal rendition and the most sumptuous quality feel of any paper available, (308gms/m). It is at least as costly as the Canson paper and whilst it doesn't quite match the sheer dynamic range of the Canson Platine, it is quite unbeatable when used to print relatively low contrast images that have expansive areas of similar tone. Hahnemuhle 308 Photorag meets giclee standards completely, contains no artificial whiteners and when framed under glass, out of direct sunlight will exhibit no discernible fading for over 100 years.

Which ever print is purchased, it will be allowed to air dry for at least 24 hours, it will be inspected personally by me and if it passes inspection, loosely rolled with a tissue covering over the delicate printed surface, any labels and print mounting instructions will be included with the package and the goods placed inside a wide diameter strengthened roll tube prior to shipping to the destination address.

If handling the prints yourself please be aware the surface is very delicate.


All Open edition prints will be despatched within five days of making the order.

Framed prints will be despatched within two weeks of ordering.

Me My Tent And I, Tom Na Gruigach, Torridon, Scotland, summit, high, white, wind, peaks, alpine, clear, morning
Me My Tent And I
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Epson 4800 & Inks
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