Anderdalen Art 1

Anderdalen, Senja, Norway

The immense snowfields of Anderdalen National Park on the island of Senja in Norway are always one of the highlights of this remarkable area. During late March and early April the high pass is usually accessible and the road cleared a necessity for the hamlet of Sifjord which would otherways be isolated. The vast snow fields are dotted with straggly birch trees submerged in an unbroken and unblemished layer of snow some 2 to 3m deep at the base of lofty mountain peaks. Its sinuous curves and elegant simplicity is simply breathtaking and the deep blue shadows of mid morning just add a stunning slash of colour to an otherwise monochromatic palette of pure perfection. Don't bother with a tripod, there is no where to put it, just take a longish lens and don't even think of leaving the safety of the road, else you might not be found again until late Summer. Photo © copyright by Ian Cameron.

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