Ben Edinburgh 2

Wee Ben cameron has had a pretty awful season, he has watched nearly every one of his peers sprout up and fill out with their change in maturity, whilst he remains one of the very smallest and scrawniest of runners in the U15 event. The first year of competition he was 2nd in the U13 category, the following year 4th where he was already beginning to be dwarfed by his fellow U13 category runners. Moving up an age group has made it much much harder to remain competitive and this year he was way way down the field in 29th position. Worse still he has had a horrible debilitating chest infection since the end of November which he still can't kick out and it has severely curtailed his training with stabbing chest pains and shortness of breath during every running session. This is just not his year I'm afraid and unfortunately it has left him badly demoralised, I hope he gets through it and doesn't just give up.
Photo © copyright by Ian Cameron.

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