Mellon Aurora 2

Mellon Udrigle, Wester Ross, Scotland

On the 27th and 28th Feb 2023 between 8.30 and 9.45pm there was the most astonishingly bright and vibrant full spectrum auroras which were seen as far South as Cornwall. On the first night with no internet in my wee camper van I had little warning of events that were to follow and the first realisation was the appearance of what appeared to be greenish search lights moving across the tops of snowy Liathach mountain which was immediately in front of me and largely obstructing the view. On the following night after a check on the internet and the promise of more to come I made my mind up to head for Mellon Udrigle and what followed was the best display of aurora I have seen regardless of location in quite strong moonlight over the cottages near the bay. I have included the best versions here for the record all were taken between f4 and f5.6 at 1600 to 3200 ISO and a shutter speed between 3 and 8 seconds. That's how bright it was the full range of colours could be seen clearly with the naked eye and continued for over an hour. Photo © copyright by Ian Cameron.

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