Morag McLarty

To the winner the spoils.  Morag McLarty is a very classy runner she has represented Scotland numerous times and was selected to represent Scotland on the track in the Commonwealth Games, she has a true International pedigree and she led the 6km Holyrood park circuit at Edinburgh from start to finish quickly establishing a lead.  Nicola Hood and Forres Harrier, Anna MacFadyen gave chase and for the majority of the race Anna led Nicola, herself a Scottish national athlete, by a few seconds.  Morag's lead was unassailable and she finished in 1st place in 22 Mnutes 18 seconds, just15 seconds ahead of Nicola and 20 seconds in front of Anna, but it has to be said Morag's lead was severely trimmed by the ongoing battle between Anna and Nicola Hood.
Photo © copyright by Ian Cameron.

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