Steph Twell 1

Steph Twell had a very good season last year and represented Great Britain in the Olympics, this year she has had some problems with illness and injury and struggled to maintain some of her fitness.  In the elite womens 6K race she definitely seemed a little bit slower than usual and she finished very much in the middle of the field of athletes from Europe and USA and unusually a few places adrift of some of the other GB runners.  There is though quite a gulf of difference between the standards of the Interdistrict women and the elite womens runners.  The winner of the elite race Yasemin Can won her event in 20 Minutes 36 seconds almost 1 and 3/4 minutes ahead of Morag McLarty, whereas even Steph Twell's relatively mediocre performance of 21 Mins and 52 seconds would have been enough to win the Interdistrict race by some 24 seconds.  Morag would have been 25th in the elites.
Photo © copyright by Ian Cameron.

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