U15 Boys Last Lap 1

The first lap of the 4K U15 Boys Cross Country course at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, the boys course was rather boring and a bit flat with four identical 1km laps to negotiate as opposed to the more interesting hilly bits encountered in the higher age groups.  Ben Cameron (No 166) started off close to the back of the field but gradually made ground up on a few folk on the second lap before succumbing to another coughing fit and the now familiar shortness of breath and stabbing pain from a chest infection that he just can't seem to shake off.  Never-the-less even in top condition I doubt Ben would have made up much ground against boys a foot taller than him with full muscle development.  I was still proud of him for the effort he made.  He finished in 29th place out of 37 folk.
Photo © copyright by Ian Cameron.

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