U15 Team North

A few of the North District team that competed in the Interdistrict cross country championships in the under 15 category.  They were a bit overwhelmed by the standard and sheer size of some of the other District team competitors from West and East.  Left to right and details of those not shown are, Ben Cameron 29th, (14:45), David Morrison 19th, (14:24), Joshua Milne 23rd, (14:29), Alex Ellen, 37th, (16:36), Findlay Rutter 33rd (15:28), others not shown were Sunny McGrath 4th, (13:50), Blair Milne 22nd, (14:28), Callum Wilson 34th, (15:39), James Slimon 25th, (14:30) and finally, Luke Davidson 17th, (14:22).
Photo © copyright by Ian Cameron.

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