Film Scanning: Specialist Scanning Service

As a working professional landscape photographer that still enjoys using film, I have to be realistic and present my images in a commercially relevant format, namely, a digital file fit for purpose. At some stage my best transparencies will need to be scanned and placed onto the internet or Social Media for mass on-line viewing. Unfortunately options are becoming increasingly limited for the film user, professional film scanning is either ridiculously and prohibitively expensive or you get cheap batch automatic low resolution films that just don't cut it. I am lucky enough to have easy access to a very high quality dedicated film scanners that is capable of extracting just about all the information contained within any well exposed transparency. Alas it isn't quite as straight forward as simply having the equipment, that is only part of the story, being able to use it expertly is actually far more important and that is where I come in. I have been scanning my mages on a virtually daily basis for the best part of 20 years. I am, to all intents and purposes, an expert film scanner. Up until now I have been doing this exclusively for myself but recently more and more folk have been contacting me, asking me and in some cases begging me to scan some of their very best work for them.

I have the equipment, I have the expertise and I want to promote the unique joy of shooting with film, and whilst I am aware it is very much a niche market, I think there might be a lot more of you out there that would like access to high quality transparency scanning at a realistic cost.

What I'm Offering.

High resolution bespoke (16 Bit), Adobe RGB(1998) scans of your slides or transparency images saved as 300dpi RGB Tiffs to CDRom or Memory stick (supplied by you) or emailed to your address as (8 Bit) 300dpi RGB (jpegs).

I will only scan up to a maximum of 6 images per order, please don't send more, this is intended to be a bespoke service for those that require the best from their work - quantity reduces quality, film scanning is not that exciting, the results are, but only if the person scanning the film hasn't lost the will to live.

If you haven't seen a good quality high resolution scan before then you are in for a treat, each and every scan will have sufficient resolution to be printed at 300dpi and can produce staggering print quality at the sizes listed below for the format of transparency provided.

35mm transparency to 18 x 12 inches

6 x 4.5cm transparency to 24 x 20 inches

6 x 6cm transparency to 24 x 24 inches

6 x 7cm transparency to 24 x 20 inches

All scans regardless of format will cost £10.00 per image have my personal attention and input from scan through to completion and will be treated as if they were my own images.

Scans will be held on file for 30 days then deleted from my hard drive.

What Do I need to Do?

Please send your slides and transparencies by registered post HERE.

Your images should be carefully packaged to avoid scratching, include a return address, a contact telephone number and email address. The images will be scanned and returned by registered post usually within 7 days.

The digital output will be forwarded to you as a high resolution print ready 8 bit Adobe RGB(1998) Tiff and a matching sRGB 1280 pixel jpeg for convenient on screen viewing via Hightail secure file sender software for subsequent upload to your computer.


I can only get out of a transparency that which exists within it. If it is under or overexposed such that there is no visible detail apparent, or it isn't sharp where it was intended to be sharp, then that is what would be scanned. If I believe it is unsuitable for scanning I will attempt to contact you and let you know of any shortcomings and will return your images, (unless otherwise advised by you), for return postal cost only.

Accidents happen, I will do my best to look after your work as I would my own, post can go astray, not arrive here, or not arrive back, this can be mitigated by using registered post but any postal damage may not be evident until it has arrived and the contents examined, I can accept no responsibility in the event this occurs.


If you prefer to pay by cheque please send it to the address HERE make it payable to Transient Light and add £5.75 for return registered post of your transparencies.

Electronic payment is quick, secure and easier for Paypal see below.