Workshops: Moray Coast Masterclass

Duration of Course:  4 Nights ----- £985
(B&B + evening meal, Single occupancy).

* Maximum group size FIVE

* Morning and evening field tuition

* Critique and review

* All transport at location included.

* Pick up/drop off to/from Inverness airport.

Magnificent Moray is a land of milk and honey. A wonderfully diverse coastline with sea stacks, including the magnificent centrpiece known as the Bowfiddle rock, it has wonderful sandy coves, stunning and expansive sandy beaches, cliffs and remarkable sandstone sea caves, with the most astonishing coloured rocks and sculpted forms imaginable.  The Moray coast is quite literally my back yard and I know it intimately.  You may be surprised to learn that Moray is on record as having the second highest hours of sunshine in the UK. No surprise then that the RAF set up airbases at Kinloss and Lossiemouth for guaranteed hours of clear sky flying.  Late May, June, July and August are amongst the best times of year to visit, during these months the setting and rising sun is far enough north to reach into the coastal bays and thus bring you the remarkable sunrises and sunsets for which the Moray coast is famous and at this time of year one other factor comes into play, the Moray coast is loaded with pink sea thrift, Campion and Birds Foot Trefoil.  In addition the Moray coast is famous for it's dolphin sightings they seem to enjoy showing off and they can be seen from the beaches and from the cliff tops  a couple of hundred metres away leaping out of the sea in pods of around 10 to 15 animals.  There is around a 50:50 chance of seeing a pod of dolphin leaping out of the Moray Firth from a dawn or sunset shoot on the cliff tops of Portknockie. 

Be under no illusion though, at this lattitude the Moray course demands very early starts and correspondingly late finishes to make the best use of available light, for that reason your body clock will need to adjust itself to a midday siesta of four to five hours, when mid-day light is least conducive to good landscape photography.  Without the midday rest period the 18 hour days would quickly take their toll.  Heh! even I need to sleep!!  Truly I cannot praise Moray's photographic merits highly enough.

Your accommodation is just as stunning.  A period stone and granite mansion house set in 150 acres of private ground, you can expect to see roe deer, red squirrels and pine marten all within the immediate area and you are invited to explore it particularly good is the moss covered woodlands.  Ardgye House offers superb Bed and breakfast accommodation.  You will be staying single occupancy in gigantic twin or double bedded rooms, with all the usual tea and coffee making facilities.  Included within the costs of this course is an allocation of up to £25 (UKP) per person per night towards an evening meal partaken at a local retaurant or hotel establishment, this will enable us a degree of flexibility in timing and location to make the most of sunset.  Assuming the course is full, we will be utilising the entire premises which will enable us full flexibility with regard to breakfast times and setting up for any slide shows / lectures. 

For the record Moray is delightfully midge free all year so you won't normally be bothered at sunrise or sunset regardless of how still it is and the very long hours will provide great photographic opportunities for as long as you care to be out.  These arrangements will have some flexibility attached should the weather prove uncooperative on any day.  The atmosphere is relaxed but make no mistake the photography is serious enough.  A  very pleasant course with some seriously good landscape photography. 

Why 4 nights instead of 5 days?

Please note each of these courses will begin approximately 13.30 hours on the commencement date.

Assuming the weather is conducive you will be shooting pre-dawn and post sunset on every day.  If the weather doesn't oblige then schedules will be adjusted as necessary to get the maximum shooting time in the best light possible.  Your last shoot is Sunday night until post sunset, thereafter you will spend the last night at Ardgye House for a leisurely breakfast and 10am departure on Monday morning.  Previous feedback from those attending the course indicated a strong preference to stay the extra night at the Ardgye House, (it's a stunning place), it fills up very quickly in the Summer and folk attending the course have not always had the opportunity to stay there on the last night despite wishing they could.

Grade: Easy Short walks along cliff paths, rocks, sandy beaches, sea caves and pebbles very few inclines. WiFi,  (VERY FEW MIDGES)  Terms and Conditions apply.

£200.00 deposit is required to reserve a place on this course.