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I have always wanted to write my own photographic book but I had no inclination to go down the self-publishing route just for the gratification and self-esteem of doing so. It came to pass that in 2008 Outdoor photography Magazine teamed up with PIP (Photographers Institute Press) to run a competition which involved submitting a book proposal together with a portfolio of images to commission a photography book. I entered the competition and won it and after further consideration of the imagery on my website and some previously published photographic articles I was indeed commissioned to write my first book. Nine months later I submitted the text and images and they assembled and sent it to press. I was paid an initial sum for the work undertaken and would receive additional royalties on every copy sold.

In 2009 Transient Light hit the shelves of just about every major national and international bookstore including Amazon. I am very pleased with the way it turned out and happily it has many favorable reviews. Check them out for yourself in these reviews.

Naturally I was very excited about it; well it was my first book and hopefully not my last. Transient Light is unashamedly about field based photography and how to make the best images possible from the light, compositions and subject matter from the landscapes you encounter.

The nominal retail price is £16.99, it is a soft back with folded cover flaps, 176 pages long, measures approximately 21 x 24 cm and features many of my favorite landscape pictures, all of which were shot on film and printed in full colour. I've poured into it my own thoughts, soul and philosophy on landscape photography and I fervently hope those that purchase the book enjoy its content and advice.

It’s now a good few years since it was first published, since then a second edition was printed followed by a further edition printed in Chinese for the Asian market.

I continue to shoot film out of personal preference, but film has rocketed in price, become harder to purchase and there are less services around to get the exposed rolls of film processed. Increasingly I find myself using a state of the art digital camera. Whatever camera is used I still tend to subscribe to the belief that the best landscape photography is done at the pre-processing stage when you fire the shutter and that applies as much too digital as it does to film.

I'm pleased to be able to announce that I now have a stock of new books available for purchase through my website. I will of course be very pleased to sign and dedicate them appropriately for anyone purchasing a book directly from me.

If you are a UK customer and would prefer to pay for your book by cheque, please make out a cheque to the value of £18.10 including post and packing, payable to Transient Light and send it to me here.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like the book dedicated or signed prior to sending.


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